about_KUU english


Surrender yourself out of your mind

“KUU” is a film but not usual film.

“Awakening?” “It’s scary!”
some people say like this,

but awakening in KUU means
“Awaken your real power sleeping in yourself.”

Sometimes you have problem,
cannot be solved even tried to think hard.

People think too much and seal your inner self,
which in reality has enormous life power.

“Life” is full of uncovered potential.

film length : 69 minutes


• Never seen before!
It was the best unknown experience ever!

• After I saw “KUU”, I felt my mind got balanced,
and suddenly my businesses going well!

• I heard “if you see KUU your brain will be shakened!”
but I didn’t believe it. Now after I saw it, Yes really it is!

• Comfortable time, relax at all.
Finally I surrender my self

• Really change the life.
I feel my heart become free!